Ways to Find Cheap Golf Clubs Deals

You do not have to spend a fortune to buy expensive, brand new golf clubs. Cheap golf clubs are within your reach and budget – there’s no need to quality and performance either. What should you do to find those discounted deals? Where can you find them?

You have three choices: used equipment, discounts sales, and clearance sales. All you need to do is scout and search the internet or your local stores for these.

Used Golf Clubs

best-golf-clubsPre-owned clubs may not be as shiny as brand new ones but you can still use them in many rounds for a couple of years or even beyond, as long as you exercise proper care for your equipment. Aside from frayed grips and faded shafts, the club is as good as the new one. Quality is still top notch. Scratches are present but only minimal. Besides, retailers who accept trade-ins see to it that the heads of all clubs they’re getting are dent-free. They will not accept golf clubs with even a slight damage in the club head.

Buying cheap golf clubs does not mean you have to forego performance. Even with pre-owned clubs, you would still have the chance to choose the design, custom fit the shaft length for you, and enjoy maximum performance.

Discounted price

Retail stores offer discounts to their customers from time to time, especially to their returning buyers. At other times, discounts become available when you avail of a package deal such a set of irons, or pair of wedges. Most often, discounts are available when you buy during holiday seasons such as Christmas, New Year, and Black Friday.

However, package deals do come with disadvantages. In discounted package deals, golf clubs that are selling well are usually paired with golf clubs that are not selling that well. Branded items are grouped with those from not-so-popular brands. This means, you might end up with clubs that you do not need. If in case this happens, you can always trade the club you do not need. Swap it with a colleague who might have a use for it, or with someone who’s simply collecting clubs for fun.

Discount rates go as low as 10% but reach as high as 40%. Aside from the holidays, the best time to shop for clubs at a discounted rate is when leading manufacturers announce or recently release a new model to distributors and retailers.

Clearance Sale

Clearance sales are almost the same as discount promos except that the sales do not always coincide with the holidays. Most of the time, clearance sales happen when a retailer wants to get rid of inventory stocks that are obsolete, or when new stocks are arriving. The discount rate during clearance sales ranges from 50% up to as high as 80%.

Since it is a clearance sale, some items may be slightly damaged. Scratches, minor dents, and rattling club heads are somewhat common. As a buyer, inspecting the golf club is your responsibility. Look for any scratches or dents. Try swinging the product you are eyeing to buy. Unnoticeable minor scratches and dents are okay. Never buy a club that rattles.
Where can you buy cheap golf clubs? You can buy discounted best golf clubs in retailers, online stores, online auctions, and clearance outlets.

Retailers and Clearance Outlet

Each establishment offers different discount rates and sale packages. To maximize your savings, compare prices before buying. Retailers and clearance outlets are more secure options when it comes to purchasing golf clubs. You can visit them anytime when you have finally decided on the product you’ll be getting.

Online Stores and Auction

best golf clubs

Another way of buying cheap golf clubs is through online auctions. Online stores and auctions are riskier since you do not have the chance to inspect the items before they arrive at your doorstep. Before paying for any purchase through an online auction or store, be extremely cautious. To make things simpler for you, just consider these reminders as you shop:

  1. It would be best to buy from an online store that has a retail establishment.
  2. Buy only from reputable online stores. Reputability means the online retail store is an authorized dealer. It also encompasses good customer service, especially when it comes to replacing a defective golf club or dealing with other concerns.
  3. Ask for a second opinion from a colleague.
  4. Find a local online auction. Even international online auctions have regional offices around the globe.
  5. Transact only with people whom you could invite for a video chat to see the actual item even through a webcam. Better yet, deal with people who are within your locale so that you could meet at a certain place to complete the transaction.
  6. Interview the seller if you are buying your golf clubs through an online auction. Know how the person acquired the clubs being sold. It might also be advantageous to know why they’ve been put up for sale.

You can enjoy excellent quality cheap golf clubs as long as you know where to look. One more advice – do not buy every golf club you’ll be using from a discount or clearance sale.

Remember, your golf club is your workforce during a game. Thus, invest also in buying one or two brand new best golf clubs, especially those that you’ll be using a lot. For the ones you’ll rarely use, you may opt to buy them cheap or discounted.